Site devirusing

If you have a website that is infected with viruses or malware, you can rely on our antivirus services to help you eliminate these security issues. We are a specialist cyber security company and offer antivirus services for websites of all sizes and types.

Our antivirus services include the following:

  1. Full Site Analysis: The first step in the devirus process is to perform a detailed analysis of the site to identify all security issues and determine the origin of the infection. This helps us determine what type of viruses or malware are present and plan the best course of action to eliminate these problems.

  2. Virus or Malware Removal: Once we identify the virus or malware, we will begin the process of removing it. This process involves cleaning all files and directories affected by the malicious code and removing any files or scripts that are used to infect the site.

  3. Updating and securing the site: After removing viruses or malware, we will update and secure your site to reduce the risk of re-infection. This involves updating all plugins and themes to the latest versions and adding additional security measures, such as installing an SSL certificate and adding security rules to your .htaccess files.

  4. Ongoing monitoring and protection: After your site is cleaned and updated, we will continue to monitor and protect your site from cyber attacks. This includes installing antivirus software and a security monitoring system to detect any suspicious activity and take prompt action to prevent any further infection.

In conclusion, our website antivirus service is designed to help website owners remove viruses and malware and protect their website and users from cyber attacks. With our cyber security expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide customized security solutions for websites of all sizes and types. Contact us today to find out how we can help protect your website!


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